Ginetta G4 R (1964).

Splendid lightweight racecar from the sixties, and this is a real one !

Year:1964 Drive:RHD
Colour:Red Mileage:200 Miles
Interior:Black Transmission:Manual


The Ginetta G4 is a very succesfull lightweight racecar from the sixties, created by the Walklett brothers. The fibreglass body was a mixture of Jaguar D-type, Maserati A6GCS and early Lola, and it works very well. It is probably one of the purest racecar designs
ever made.

This G4 R, with chassisnr 4/0089, is a real Ginetta from 1964. It has the correct round tube chassis and is fitted with the factory hardtop. The R version was the ultimate G4,
with independent rear suspension, disc brakes front and rear and the famous Lotus
Twin Cam engine. These cars are extremely fast and offer fantastic handling.
This Ginetta was completely restored by an ex-Lotus engineer and only did 200 miles since
it was finished. There comes an impressive file with lots of technical drawings and solutions with the car, all made by the previous owner/restorer.

The engine is a Lotus Twin Cam with dry sump, Cosworth L1 camshafts and twin Weber
45DCOE carburettors. The brakes are modern Wilwoods, as these were the only ones available with integral hand brake, which was necessary to get the car road registered.
There is also a fully plumbed fire extinguisher that discharges over the fuel tank and carburettors.

There is no other Ginetta G4 R available on the market, and certainly not in this condition. Opportunities to obtain such a car are very rare, so be quick if this is what you are looking for !

Ginetta G4 R (1964). Ginetta G4 R (1964).
Ginetta G4 R (1964). Ginetta G4 R (1964).
Ginetta G4 R (1964). Ginetta G4 R (1964).
Ginetta G4 R (1964). Ginetta G4 R (1964).
Ginetta G4 R (1964).