Bugatti Type 52 by Pur Sang

The perfect toy for the budding vintage racer.

Year:2005 Drive:RHD
Colour:Bugatti Blue Mileage:
Interior:Black Transmission:


In 1927 Ettore Bugatti decided to build a half scale version of the Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix car for his son Roland’s fourth birthday. The car was fitted with a 12V electric motor with forward and reverse. The car was exhibited at a show in Milan and many of the European elite showed interest in the idea of such a toy for their own children. As a result, 500 examples or so were built between 1927-1936 and sold to clients, many of whom would have had the full size version as well. Always referred to as the Baby Bugatti, but officially it was named Type 52.

This Baby Bugatti ‘Type 52’ was built in circa 2005 by Pur Sang in Argentina. An extremely impressive engineering business who have built an excellent reputation as the makers of tool room copies of the some of the most desirable Pre-War cars, most notably the Bugatti Type 35 and Alfa Romeo 8C. Praised for their quality and attention to detail, it is no wonder that this beautiful Baby Bugatti is to original dimensions and also employs a 12V motor, just like the originals. The fit and finish is from a very high level, and many details are even further improved by the previous owner - a serious collector of all kinds of pedal cars.

Today, original Baby Bugatti examples change hands for amounts between 100.000 and 125.000 EUR, so this is a wonderful opportunity to acquire one of these charming children’s cars at a fraction of the cost of an original but with all the same smile-inducing fun offered in 1927 !

Bugatti Type 52 by Pur Sang